Simulations are exercises where the instructor places students in a scenario based on fictional or non-fictional events. Ocurring within the safe confines of a classroom, simulations provide a way for students to practice course concepts in real-world scenarios. Simulations are an excellent activity for increasing student engagement and an effective way for achieving learning objectives

Below are instructional packets outlining course simulations for introductory American politics courses. These activities provide a way to teach critical concepts of political strategy and negotiation to students through simulating the budget process. Additional information on completing the simulation can be found in "Ways and Means," published in the Journal of Political Science Education. Reach out with any additional questions you may have, and be sure to let us know how the simulation works for you and your students.

The United States Capitol Building against a blue sky.

Introduction to American Government

A state capitol building against the blue sky.

Introduction to American State and Local Government